Ben Croft (aka"Beans")

Big, brave and foolish he is fiercely loyal.


Messy brown hair, kind blue eyes, and a warm smile, Ben is 195 lbs of mostly muscle, but he holds it in an unimposing manner. Always lets his facial hair grow 1 day longer than he probably should have.


You first met Ben with when he caved in the back of a squided’s head and was backhanded 10ft. Mora killed the squided and saved Ben. Ben made it with you to the safe house with Jamal always by his side (he now feels a bond with the man and wants to repay the favour). Initially noble he was going to let Victoria have the last injection but when it was clear she was not going to take it and was a wreck he stepped up. Jamal chose the box of vials for him and he was implanted with a squid from Mora’s machine. He carried an unconscious Gwen through the portal to safety.

Ben Croft (aka"Beans")

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