Episode 1 - The Escape

You each fought off the visions and were rewarded by a mechanical woman named Mora coming to your aid and giving you a coil of metal to prevent further psychic attacks. You witnessed some members of the crowd worshipping the huge beast you dubbed “Chuck” until corrected to Cryllovesk by Mora. You watched as a man named Ben Croft crushed the back of a worshippers head in with a can of beans (you dubbed him “beans”). The creature amazingly got up and backhanded him 10ft cracking his ribs. Mora killed the worshipper and gave a coil to Ben and told you all to follow her. All but one of the ten of you decided to follow her and it was a good thing too because as you looked back you saw people being herded into the square and the one Mora saved that stayed behind was attacked by a tentacle shrimp and with two crunching bites was split in half and her remains deposited on a nearby rooftop.

You followed Mora south toward her safe house asking her questions many of the remaining 9 of you very suspicious of Mora and her intentions. Mora released spheres to scout and shield your presence from the horde of Cryllovesk’s creatures now loosed on the city. She spoke directly into your minds with the voice of an elegant woman in perfect english, but you were not able to communicate back to her telepathically no matter how hard you focused your thoughts at her (no matter how benign or sexually inappropriate they were). She answered all your questions, sometimes very openly and others you felt she left something unsaid though never sensed she was outright lying to you.

You learned that she has came from a world that was also devoured by Cryllovesk and has tried to stop it from happening to 4 others (including your own). Each time she was unsuccessful, but told you this time she was close and that she could make you stronger, more than you are. You also learned that she has studied these creatures and they may have been created by Cryllovesk but are not his offspring, in fact the unmakers (bus sized balls of tentacles) are the ones that produce the eggs for the casts of creatures that you’ve seen. Among the rest of the information she reinforced two things. First don’t let them put a squid into your mouth (seemed obvious) and second that the creatures never find her safe house.

You were nearly at the safe house when you came to an intersection with 3 multi-jointed creatures, a tentacle shrimp and 3 squided humans. Mora killed the first squidded then two of the multi jointed as she mentally told you to run down the alley blocked by two squidded. She continued to make the tentacle shrimp and the other multi-joint disappear as the nine of you attempted to bypass the two squidded.

Bhenga made the first move and bolted down the alley with great speed but the fat squidded batted him against the wall the proceeded to crush his skull with his foot (and ate a piece of his skull). The other squidded charged but Gwen unleashed an entire can of pepper spray into the thin ones face. Blinded, it bent over wiping at its eyes to no avail. James took the opportunity to sprint past and moved safely down the alley and toward the safe house. After Mora has finished off the last 2 in the intersection she moved to catch up to you but the multi-joint creature that had its arm blown off at the shoulder by Mora’s elbow cannons threw a 3 pronged ninja star that caught her square in the back and she collapsed face first behind the 7 of you that had not made it past (or died).

Now things looked grim, but unfazed Jamal picked up Mora (careful not to touch the blade) and slung her over his shoulder. Mike was able to snag a 3’ length of rebar from a broken building and attempted to pry out the blade imbedded in Mora. It toppled Jamal and Mora fell from his shoulders but the three-pronged blade popped free and clattered to the ground in a shower of sparks. Meanwhile Gwen picked up an arm length shard of glass from the ground and drove it down into the base of the thin blinded squidded’s neck. It lay struggling to move on the ground, but posed no further threat.

Another of your group tried to dash past the fat squidded but he was no longer distracted (by Bhenga’s corpse) and also had his head crushed under foot. Despite it being outnumbered 6 to 1 it held its ground against Mike as he charged with his rebar and attempted to ram it into the fat squidded’s chest. The squidded managed to get its arms in the way to deflect the blow and you heard a crunch. The forearm now hung at an odd angle, cleary broken but it was still able to control it. Gwen who had just executed the first squidded retrieved the three-pronged blade and threw it into the fat squidded’s chest from only 10ft away. This caused the squidded to fall to its knees but was still flailing with its arms in the narrow alley.

Mike used the opportunity to dash by it after being injured and snagged a bandage from Gwen to stop the bleeding. Jessica Nolan jumped over the fat squidded man with a great feat of athleticism, which inspired another of your group to do the same. Unfortunately the fat one caught on and grabbed them by the ankle mid jump and yanked them to ground with such force the back of their skull had caved in.

Everyone else was able to avoid the fat squidded and ran on to catch up with James who had found the Clock Repair safehouse Mora has told them to find. The one armed multi-joint staggered after them as it continued to bleed profusely, but it was not able to keep up with them as they ran to the safe house. They were able to get inside without being seen despite some initial trouble with the door being a push instead of a pull.

Inside they found a very sleek futuristic looking metallic plated room with two open doorways and an amped up dentist’s chair in the center. Mora was grabbed off of Jamal’s shoulders by a robotic arm and pulled up into the ceiling. Jamal, loving language puzzles like crosswords, spent the majority of his time trying to decipher writing they found on lockers, vials and above the doorways. James was intrigued by the dentist’s chair looking thing, and learned how it operated, through a series of trial and error exercises. Mike convinced Jessica to see what is in the other rooms and she was met with a force field at both doors. Mike then helped James prep the machine for its purpose, still unknown, (Jamal was unable to decipher the words) on a strapped in James.

The machine Injected 3 vials into James and after the ordeal left him unconscious. Gwen assessed him, his pulse was rapid but he was alive. This was good enough for Mike because after he has dragged James to the forcefield door and pushed him inside he strapped himself in and had Jamal turn on the machine. This left Mike with a metallic tattoo on his head and had dreams of the creatures finding him here (and seals on a beach with no water).

The others were not excited to inject themselves with mysterious fluids and continued to explore the room and decipher the unknown language. James came to and seemed fine, followed by Mike shortly after. They explored the remaining rooms and found a small workspace with a bookshelf (books written in a different language), what looked to be a dissection chamber with a partially dissected human and what turned out to be a portal chamber.

Unfortunately the banging from Mike’s dreams came to him again followed by flashes of the creatures getting in and killing them, so they barricaded the doors and injected Jamal with one of the remaining sets of vials, this one dropped a black liquid into his eyes. Ben woke him and said they should inject him too because Jessica was NOT getting in the chair and remained in the corner rocking back and forth after the banging from Mike’s dreams became a reality. Jamal chose the one from the box to inject him with and it shoved a squirming mass down his throat and he passed out.

They were all very suspicious because Mora has said not to let them put a squid in your mouth and this machine seemed to have just put a squid in his mouth. Mike wanted to kill him there but James and Jamal talked him down, but if he shows signs of trouble they agreed they would kill him together. When he woke Ben appeared fine and said he felt better, even his ribs weren’t hurting him. They kept him strapped there while Gwen looked him over but as banging worsened James packed up all the contents from the locker into the box and carried it toward the portal. They released Ben and injected Gwen with the last of the vials just as the creatures burst down the door.

3 multi-joint (one of them was one-armed) and 5 squided moved in as Ben collected Gwen and they fled through the forcefield door. Panicked now Jessica tried to follow them through but was unable to pass through. Multi-joints held her and pulled out a whitish-grey egg, extracted a squid from it and plunged it down her throat. They activated the portal which took only a little guesswork.

The creatures broke the frames around the doors just as Ben stepped through the portal with Gwen in his arms. Jamal who was still standing at the console, and the only one who had not yet gone through, tapped the center closing the portal. The portal began to contract and Jamal sprinted and dove through the rapidly closing center.

They all felt like they had been turned inside-out, but landed safely on what felt like soil, vomitting from the experience.

An Introduction - The Dying World

The dying world is the one you come from, Earth. A rent has opened in the fabric of reality and when all who entered never returned the area was quarantined and research was hurriedly begun by the world’s brightest scientific minds. When vicious multi-jointed creatures came through shortly after research began many were fascinated and despite casualties, the creatures that were killed were studied with interest. Research around the rent continued though with far more defense than originally installed. The next wave of creatures through the rent were not only the multi jointed man sized beings, but multi tentacled hulking creatures the size of busses. The installation was unable to defend against this new onslaught, many died and most research stopped. The number of creatures swelled and held their ground, defending the installation against any efforts to reclaim it.

After unsuccessful attempts at communication that left the chosen ambassadors either dead or clawing at their heads, bombs were dropped on the installation. When the ruined structure was nothing more than rubble teams were sent to investigate the rent in reality. The bombs were effective and destroying even the bus sized creatures, but more creatures poured out of the rent and only a few members of the teams were able to escape the area with their lives. The few that had made it close enough to the rent to see it had reported that the size of the rent was no longer 10ft across but 50ft. Larger creatures began to emerge from the rent as it continued to grow.

That was one month ago, now the rent is a km across and just as high. All attempts to destroy the creatures at the rent have been unsuccessful, and some suggested may even be causing the rent to increase in size. The otherworldly creatures control an area the size of a small city and have even begun building odd structures. Until today the creatures had been content to only attack and kill those that approached the rent. Today a creature came through that was unlike anything before it. A massive creature squeezed its way into this world and rose up on hundreds of tentacles as thick as the trunks of redwood trees. Its bulbous head seemed to inflate in the sky as it rose to its full height.

A few minutes ago sirens blared and live broadcasts displayed the new monstrosity attacked by ranged missiles (aircraft were long ago abandoned due to flying tentacle-faced, bat-winged, shrimp-like creatures that destroyed anything airborn). With the eyes of the world watching the creature stretched 20 or so of its tentacles into the edges of the rent and tore the km wide opening into shreds. Cracks spread from the rent in patterns that looked like that of a stone chip in a windshield. Initially reality held with the cracks seeming to center around the km wide rent. But just like glass the cracks widened as if they were being pounded on by an enormous fist. In shutters the sky broke and the rent ripped across the continent. The immense creature that had just ripped open reality let out a booming scream and spewed black out of its massive head that darkened the sky. Day became a hazy dusk as the sun’s light no longer penetrated the atmosphere.

Creatures are now flooding from the rent and seem no longer set on only defending their small city. They rush toward the surrounding cities heedless of the firepower being thrown against them by the various military units surrounding them. The military installations are quickly being surrounded and overwhelmed. The skyriping creature is letting out low rumbling noises and horrible images of it consuming a strange city assaults your minds (it is not a human city but it is full of internment camps, as its minions pull apart bodies you realize they are lizardmen).

You are all among the crowd watching a large outdoor monitor in the downtown city square. Almost everyone is now clutching their heads trying to brace themselves against the on and off visions. What would you like to do?


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