Creatures of Discovery


Redwood tree sized tentacles come from the base of a large bulbous dome-shaped head. It spews hot black into the atmosphere (magic laden burnt material) dims light from a shortened tentacle on its head. Directly under the dome there are enormous eyestalks that ring the creatures bulbous head. It has a mouth beneath the mass of tentacles that leads into its massive head where its digestive system and all internal organs exist.


15’ Long tentacles all over its body. Eye stalks appear within the mass of tentacles if you look carefully. It has six mouth tentacles that look like scaled up lamprey mouthes. The mouthes are equidistant from each other on its body and have circular lips that can hide the teeth from view. Slow moving initially but hard to stop. Moves by rolling its body with its tentacles to propel itself along then spread its tentacles latching onto whatever it can to stop itself. It has a specially modified tentacle to extrude eggs which develop into the different casts of Cryllovesk’s underlings.

Tentacle shrimp

Long carapaced arthropod looking creature with tentacles coming out of its face below two stalk-like eyes. Their carapaced body has rows of short legs beneath it, and at the end the tail terminates in two large hooks. These creatures are mostly bat-like winged and can fly but a few have been observed without wings. They can fly incredible fast and have extremely strong mandibles beneath the tentacles on its face.


Artwork by Nick Sabo.

They have additional joints giving them an insect like limb movement but do not have an exoskeleton. Multi-jointed have three eyes: two human-like eyes with oval pupils on the left side of their face and one black bead-like eye on the right. Beneath this trio of eyes they have a small bump of a nose and an extremely wide mouth with sharp needlelike teeth. Their four “ears” are flat to their head and look like labyrinths leading to holes in the side of their heads. Each side has a front ear and a back ear to help give them more accurate directional location hearing. They are thickly muscled, very fast and strong. Their limbs terminate in claspers rather than hands but seem adept at wielding most tools. On their back they have 6 incubation pouches which can contain eggs from the unmakers.

Squided humans

Humans that are forced to swallow a newly hatched squid. Tentacles spread throughout the body controlling the former beings body completely. Initially control of the body seems imperfect and slightly “off”. They are unaffected by the pain of their host and are much stronger and faster than the host.

Squid hatchling

Come from whitish grey eggs laid by unmakers. They are grey and have 5 tentacles, a conical body and black glossy eyes. Carried by multi-jointed and forced into the mouthes of other creatures. They spread their fine tentacles throughout the brain first, then the body until they have complete control of their host. They have a springtail and burst free of their eggs if not removed by a multi-joint.

Creatures of Discovery

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