An Introduction - The Dying World

The dying world is the one you come from, Earth. A rent has opened in the fabric of reality and when all who entered never returned the area was quarantined and research was hurriedly begun by the world’s brightest scientific minds. When vicious multi-jointed creatures came through shortly after research began many were fascinated and despite casualties, the creatures that were killed were studied with interest. Research around the rent continued though with far more defense than originally installed. The next wave of creatures through the rent were not only the multi jointed man sized beings, but multi tentacled hulking creatures the size of busses. The installation was unable to defend against this new onslaught, many died and most research stopped. The number of creatures swelled and held their ground, defending the installation against any efforts to reclaim it.

After unsuccessful attempts at communication that left the chosen ambassadors either dead or clawing at their heads, bombs were dropped on the installation. When the ruined structure was nothing more than rubble teams were sent to investigate the rent in reality. The bombs were effective and destroying even the bus sized creatures, but more creatures poured out of the rent and only a few members of the teams were able to escape the area with their lives. The few that had made it close enough to the rent to see it had reported that the size of the rent was no longer 10ft across but 50ft. Larger creatures began to emerge from the rent as it continued to grow.

That was one month ago, now the rent is a km across and just as high. All attempts to destroy the creatures at the rent have been unsuccessful, and some suggested may even be causing the rent to increase in size. The otherworldly creatures control an area the size of a small city and have even begun building odd structures. Until today the creatures had been content to only attack and kill those that approached the rent. Today a creature came through that was unlike anything before it. A massive creature squeezed its way into this world and rose up on hundreds of tentacles as thick as the trunks of redwood trees. Its bulbous head seemed to inflate in the sky as it rose to its full height.

A few minutes ago sirens blared and live broadcasts displayed the new monstrosity attacked by ranged missiles (aircraft were long ago abandoned due to flying tentacle-faced, bat-winged, shrimp-like creatures that destroyed anything airborn). With the eyes of the world watching the creature stretched 20 or so of its tentacles into the edges of the rent and tore the km wide opening into shreds. Cracks spread from the rent in patterns that looked like that of a stone chip in a windshield. Initially reality held with the cracks seeming to center around the km wide rent. But just like glass the cracks widened as if they were being pounded on by an enormous fist. In shutters the sky broke and the rent ripped across the continent. The immense creature that had just ripped open reality let out a booming scream and spewed black out of its massive head that darkened the sky. Day became a hazy dusk as the sun’s light no longer penetrated the atmosphere.

Creatures are now flooding from the rent and seem no longer set on only defending their small city. They rush toward the surrounding cities heedless of the firepower being thrown against them by the various military units surrounding them. The military installations are quickly being surrounded and overwhelmed. The skyriping creature is letting out low rumbling noises and horrible images of it consuming a strange city assaults your minds (it is not a human city but it is full of internment camps, as its minions pull apart bodies you realize they are lizardmen).

You are all among the crowd watching a large outdoor monitor in the downtown city square. Almost everyone is now clutching their heads trying to brace themselves against the on and off visions. What would you like to do?


ominix ominix

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